Thursday, November 10, 2011

Other People's Words V.1

[Overheard in the SF Public Library. 1/2 of a cell phone conversation.]

Do you want me to bring some cat food over?

Yeah I know I don’t have to but I will.

Did he sleep with you?

Did he sleep with you?

Did he see Sylvie?

Did Sylvie come by?

Sylvie comes by almost every day now.

Yeah, he’s starting to get attached to you.

Yeah, you’ve got two now.

Let’s just hope they’re both healthy. We gotta get Sylvie checked out.

Okay okay.

Yeah, tonight.

Ok sounds good.

You want to borrow a little bit of money?

A lot of things.

Ok. Bye bye.

[Optional Exorcise: Try re-reading this without the first sentence. Do you still think it's about cats?]

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